Ballycastle (three times crowned the Best Place to Live in Northern Ireland by The Sunday Times) is a small seaside town at the heart of the Causeway Coast and Glens, where tradition and culture run deep. The Ballycastle Traditional Music Trail is a unique way to experience the tunes, songs, stories and dance of this legendary coast. Two skilled local musicians lead you on a musical journey from the seafront with its tales of the sea and songs of sailors, up into the heart of the town.

We take you off the tourist trail into the pubs where our music has been kept alive through generations. At each stop we’ll play some music and tell you the stories about the tunes, and about Ballycastle, the Coast and the Glens. It’s a great way to get closer to the traditional musicians and their instruments, and the language, customs and history that make up our vibrant musical tradition.

Our Trails

We’re hosted at the pubs that local people use and where traditional music, conversation and laughter thrive.

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"As the music flowed, the foot tapping and hand clapping, the soul of the ancient walls awoke and the atmosphere became so mystical, capturing us in a world of happiness with a powerful connection with the music"
Harry and Majella, Portstewart
"A wonderful, fun afternoon and the highlight of my short visit. The venues and hosts were so welcoming and the music second to none. Such a great way to get closer to a place, its people and traditions. Recommended!"
Emma, Stockport, England

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